Why Get CrossFit?


Our coaching staff brings years of experience with coaching and helping people reach their goals. The certifications held here are important, but they pale in comparison to the real world experience that can only come from devoting your life to hands-on coaching. If you are looking for someone who really cares for you, then Get CrossFit is the place for you!


To really care for people you have to have a passion for one another. Here at Get CrossFit, we have that. You are important to us, and we show it.


We are committed to fully help you reach your goals. CrossFit is not just a hobby to us. It’s a lifestyle. You can always be sure you’ll receive top-notch coaching from people who are fully committed.


We’re committed to sound nutrition and staying up to date on all nutrition as it pertains to CrossFit. We spend much time researching the foundation of solid sports nutrition. CrossFit is a big proponent of low glycemic eating. Dominic shares with you the foundations of a low glycemic diet to help you reach your health and fitness goals. He personally dealt with an 15 year digestive illness that led to extensive knowledge about food, supplements and how the body utilizes that food. From that, Dominic has a deep understanding of gluten free diets, the Paleo diet. He will work with you to find the eating plan that will optimize not only your performance in the gym and your outward appearance, but also increase overall health and longevity.

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