The effectiveness of the CrossFit program exceeds that of any program offered at today’s mass-produced Globo Gyms. Since our program focuses on performance over aesthetics, our athletes almost immediately notice a difference in their body composition, in how they feel and how they look. They also notice a significant difference in their ability to deal with the rigors of daily life.

No Globo Gym offers the amount of time with a coach that we do as part of their package. Once most clients of a Globo Gym sign their membership, they never get one on one time with a trainer or coaching, unless they pay a significant amount of money for that privilege. Every time one of our athletes steps through the door and begins to work out, they are constantly coached and supervised and continuously receive one on one coaching as part of a group. They receive this treatment as a part of their membership, not as a specialty service.

Monthly Pricing (No contracts required)

Unlimited Membership $95

Discounts: On Above Memberships

5% Off – For Pre-Pays on 6 month Memberships
10% Off – For Pre-Pays on 12 month Memberships
For Non-Military, Fire Fighter, Police and Teachers
(no refunds for cancellations)

Military, Fire Fighters, Police and Teachers

Unlimited Membership $85

Special discounts for College Students

Drop In Rate $20.

Punch Card $100 for 10 Sessions, $50 for 5 Sessions

Unlimited memberships are month to month with 30-day cancellation

Note: 6 Fundamental Classes are included in your first Months membership. (a $100 value)

We take Credit Cards, Cash and Checks!

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