Discovery Day

Learn about CrossFit, the personal training and coaching that are a part of every workout, nutrition & how to get in the best shape of your life no matter your age or fitness level!

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Saturday at 10:30am


Questions Commonly asked about CrossFit:

“Can anyone enjoy optimal health without being an Athlete?”

The answer is No!

Athletes experience a protection from the ravages of aging and disease that non-athletes never find. For instance, 80-year-old athletes are stronger than non-athletes in their prime at 25 years old. If you think that strength isn’t important consider that strength loss is what puts people in nursing homes. Athletes have greater bone density, stronger immune systems, less coronary heart disease, reduced cancer risk, fewer strokes, and less depression than non-athletes.

“What if I don’t want to be an athlete, I just want to be healthy?”

Well, then CrossFit is for you!

We hear that often. However the truth is that fitness, wellness and sickness are measures of the same entity, your health. There are a multitude of measurable parameters that can be ordered from sick (pathological) to well (normal) to fit (better than normal). These include but not limited to blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, body fat, muscle mass, flexibility, and strength. It seems as though all of the body functions that can go awry have states that are pathological, normal, and exceptional and that elite athletes typically show these parameters in the exceptional range. The CrossFit view is that fitness and health are the same thing. It is also interesting to notice that the health professional maintains your health with drugs and surgery each with potentially undesirable side effects, whereas the CrossFit Coach typically achieves a superior result always with “side benefit” vs. side effects.

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